Our History

Since 1990 in the Forest Market, the group operates in various segments of the forestry, metallurgy and plastic chain. The Group was born with metallurgy in the manufacture of equipment for greenhouse, with the production of the metal tray, soon became national highlight for greenhouse installation, from metal greenhouses, machines and equipment for preparation and handling of the seedlings, inputs, shading and irrigation.

Soon after the production of the equipment, it was noticed the market's need for the demand of Eucalyptus and Pinnus seedlings, the Group then opened its first greenhouse in the city of Erval Grande RS, producing high-quality seedlings, seminal and clonal eucalyptus seedlings. With the need to expand the seedlings to the north of the country, the group begins its activities with another large and modern greenhouse in the city of Paragominas PA, specializing in the production of eucalyptus clones, Paricá and other native seedlings.

With the search of the market for plastic products for the production of seedlings, Metalmodes was born, another company of the Group responsible for the injection of Plastic Trays and Tubes, today the company also provides injection and matrix services for other companies interested in injecting their products.

The Forest Chain is very comprehensive and needs more and more specialized companies, we created the TMA wood treatment company and the Dacko Timber, to supply the need for poles, webs, linings, wood for houses, decks, floors, doors and windows under measures.


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